I've loved mythology since I was a kid. I devoured all types of legends and folktales, but the Greek myths were my favorites. Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" was a foundational text of my childhood, although sometimes the themes were a bit mature for 3rd grade. I'll never forget asking, "Hey Mom, what's 'rape'? Zeus does it a lot!" very loudly in an Outback Steakhouse in Louisville. Thanks for that, Edith.

So anyways, when Madeline Miller's "Circe" came out, I bought it without hesitation. Beautifully written in sort of modern/mythic hybrid style, Miller's feminist retelling of The Odyssey surprised me. Miller expertly walks a fine line, adding substantive feminist themes while still respecting the underlying mythology. Circe mixes a disorienting blend of classical morals and customs with modern feminist perspectives, resulting in a potent brew unlike anything else I've experienced. The audiobook narration is a perfect complement to the story and enhances an already 5-star book.