"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" is a self-aware and exuberant first novel by David Shafer. How do you know when you're crazy or when a global cabal is actually hatching schemes for world domination?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot unfurls its story through the eyes of three intertwined characters: the no-nonsense / hot-stuff international aid worker, the schizophrenic alcoholic heir who may or may not have stumbled on to a global conspiracy, and the sellout self-help phony turned life coach for a mega-CEO. Shafer takes the trio on a globe-trotting adventure full of witty banter, clever pseudonyms, surprising emotionality, and a powerful undercurrent of self-doubt. I was impressed by how Shafer wrote about Leo's mental condition - I thought it was a generally respectful but also candid (sometimes brutally and hilariously so).

My main complaint with the book is that it doesn't end. Or rather, it ends but it doesn't seem like it should. Is there a sequel coming? Whatever the case, the abrupt termination of the book is deeply unsatisfying. The pacing was a bit off in places and the minor characters are all noticeably flat, but I can't say that I wasn't entertained. I'm looking forward to more of Shafer's work.